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WELCOME to our dōTERRA CPTG® Essential Oils Website!

Here you can order the complete range of dōTERRA's pure and potent (CPTG®) essential oils, including single oils, oil blends, and oil starter kits directly from the Australian warehouse.

My name is Tania Hodder and as a dōTERRA Independent Wellness Advocate (ID #1678629), I absolutely love using and sharing these amazing pure and natural essential oils.

They have helped to improve the health and well-being of myself and my family and friends, as well as my clients (I’m a massage therapist).

Not all essential oils are created equal. There can be significant differences among brands in terms of purity, potency, and efficacy.

The short video below will help you understand why you should choose dōTERRA essential oils above the rest.


While you're welcome to pay full retail prices and order from our shop, you'll miss out on significant savings and benefits.

The BEST way to get started with dōTERRA essential oils and receive the most value for money is to become a member here and join as a dōTERRA 'Wellness Advocate' (SAVE 25% off retail) and order an Enrolment Kit, such as the popular Home Essentials Kit below.

More enrollment kit options are available. See info sheet below:

However, if you'd prefer, you can also design your own 'custom order' and pick and choose your single oils and blends individually (no minimum order).

If you'd prefer to place a wholesale 'custom order' and choose your own oils, there's a $35 wholesale membership fee (just add an 'Introductory Enrolment Packet' to your cart) and this will give you 12 months of discount prices (25% off retail) starting with your order today and also on any future orders you place during the next year, as well other great member benefits, so it is well worth it.

NOTE: Your $35 membership fee is waived when you purchase an Enrollment Kit.


  • Wholesale Prices across the dōTERRA range.
  • SAVE 25% Off Retail Prices.
  • *$35 Membership Fee Waived (*If You Buy A Oils Kit).
  • No Minimum Order Required.
  • No Monthly Order Required.
  • You're FREE to Shop As You Choose.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) - Earn FREE dōTERRA Products!
  • Eligibility to Receive the FREE 'Product of the Month'.
  • Ability to Earn a Second Income (Wellness Advocates only).
  • Your Own Website To Share dōTERRA Products Online (Wellness Advocates only).
  • Amazing Support in Our Online Community.

Once you (and your family) start experiencing the amazing benefits of using these very special oils you will fall in love with them, like millions of others around the world!

If you're ready to get started and place your order, just click on the button below.

>> IMPORTANT: If you have been introduced to dōTERRA by someone else, please DO NOT ORDER from this page! Instead, refer back to that person and let them know that you’re ready to order and they will help you get started. 😊



If you’re an existing member and would like to speak to dōTERRA Australia Member Services, about your account or about an order please call (02) 8015-5080 or email

Otherwise, if you're new to dōTERRA (and don't have an existing dōTERRA contact) and you have questions and / or would like assistance in placing your first order, please contact me below.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you get started. 😊

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Disclosure: This website is owned and administered by Independent Wellness Advocates, Tania Hodder and James Thomas, whom may receive compensation from dōTERRA for any purchases made via this website. If you were introduced to dōTERRA by someone else, we encourage you to refer back to that person. If you do not yet have a dōTERRA contact, feel free to sign up and order your dōTERRA products via 'Click Here to Get Started' button above and we will give you our full support and care on your essential oil journey.

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